Sunday, August 16, 2009

First Himalayan Goji Juice then GoChi then TAIslim Now Something Even Bigger

Something big is Coming September, 2009 that will the Network Marketing Industry foundations. Keep Reading...

First it was Himalayan Goji Juice (HGJ) – this was a huge winner and home run.
Here’s how one individual who was one of the first to hear about Himalayan Goji Juice described when he first heard about it.

In early September of 2003 I got a telephone call from Ray Faltinsky. We went to lunch in a little Chinese restaurant near the company headquarters then in Milford, CT; and over rice and noodles, he told me about a product that FreeLife was about to release that he truly believed would be the most important product launch in company history and he gave me some knowledge about this strange "Himalayan Goji berry".

I was shocked. It was hard to believe that such a powerful nutrient could actually exist. But, Ray has infinite credibility and he does not play games about such important subjects. He was serious that day over lunch and while I did not know a lot of the details I knew I had to take action immediately. That "pre-launch information" over lunch on that September afternoon has made all the difference in my life. It has paid me millions of dollars to receive that news. It has helped thousands of people to not only experience wonderful health benefits but to also create real financial abundance in their own lives.

Next came GoChi Juice, basically this is simply a more powerful (by over 30% more potency) version of Himalayan Goji Juice. And as highly successful as HGJ was GoChi Juice easily outsells it by over 5 to 1.

Then came TAISlim about 5 months ago. It has been a big hit- in fact it’s been the best weight loss product I’ve seen in all my 14 years experience. Check out the video and pictures of all the TAIslim weight loss success stories.

However, coming next month in September 2009 is something that's going to cast a huge shadow over the home business network marketing arena. The power of this product will shake the foundations of the industry.
And it won’t be just hype. Think of any product that’s real hot right now. There will be more scientific evidence that this is a superior product and will eventually overtake those products in terms of sales.

Here’s what the former head of product development for the largest nutritional manufacturer in the world with over 35 years experience said about this new product..

Here's a direct quote from him: "(this is) a product that I believe will be the most life-changing of any that I have seen in my 35-year career."

In fact its time to get those dreams back out of the closet and dust them off, because now they have a real shot at coming true!

You are about to be given a very powerful racecar in this new product. In fact this is the most powerful nutritional product of a racecar that’s ever been built. Capable of blowing the doors off the competition. It can help you achieve anything you’ve ever dreamed of.

For more on this Incredible New Product and Home Business Opportunity - Click Here!

Check out the new Freelife TAISlim weight loss product. It the next best thing to a time machine.

TAIslim Weight Loss on TAI-Fit

Article - Conviction Superhero or 98 Pound Weakling and Home Business Success or Failure

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Monday, October 15, 2007

What Are the Majority of Folks Sincerely Seeking in a Work at Home Business Venture?

My latest reading was an article about work from home businesses and network marketing businesses. It contained some very good information, and the section I would like to discuss here was about their feelings on what they consider to be the greatest network marketing business and the business that they were involved in. For the past 12 years it has been my business, and full-time at that, which has given me considerable knowledge of home based marketing, network marketing and internet marketing. The author wrote this article on his own level of knowledge and experience and not the level of his potential leads. To begin, I do not want to talk about his company – even though it may be a very good company. For me to do this, it would skip my message, and start an argument that that essentially could not be won. To compare this scenario, it would be like two 7 year old tots, playing in a sandpile, and they are having an altercation about which of their papas are the most muscular.

Put simply, I would like to inform you, founded on what you are most probably looking for and offering you a few guidelines that will help you to evaluate which business or opportunity will most likely be the most successful for you. Starting out, in a nutshell, you’ll find the following is what the majority of persons involved in network marketing, or any home business, are seeking.

People want an excellent product that is effective for a variety of reasons we can discuss sometime in the future. Next they want to earn the highest rewards for their efforts, in the quickest way possible and in a legal way. Most people expect to work for their rewards, but they do want the highest possible results from their efforts. And with the absolute smallest risk they can take, so the income they produce flows in at the highest ceiling possible for the longest time in a residually true fashion.

Let me put a question to you, can you think of one person you know that would be against the above mentioned business model?

The prospect is looking for ways to generate income. It now becomes the task of the marketing executive (you) to avail information on why your company and plan work and are the superior way to go to help someone get started in business marketing to accomplish those goals mentioned above.
And to, also help people copy this plan, to guarantee their achieving success.

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Monday, October 08, 2007

Plans on How to Start a Home Business.

Here are questions you should be prepared to answer when you speak to me or anyone else about their home business.

1."How can I succeed with you? I could just as easily join with another company or another distributor in your company." What advantages would I have in working with you I typically wouldn't have with someone else?

2. Can you show me how to have customers attracted to me or do I have to chase down people and try to rope them into my business?

3. Exactly what level of support can you provide me to assist me in being successful?

People have problems and are looking for solutions; marketing addresses these problems. The greater percentage of marketers take the incorrect steps in their approach to successful marketing; such as dwelling on the product, without considering the actual needs of their customer. Persistently involving yourself in your business, you will become excellent in your skills in regards to marketing this business endeavor. With this in mind, what has brought you to a home based business endeavor? Is there a problem you need to solve? Many people have job frustrations and problems at work; many people have debts and seek a way out of it.

Next question to think about is what are you good at? What do you think are your strong points that would apply to being successful in business a trait that does or could make you more confident in speaking to others, because if you become involved we will enhance those points to make them advantages to the people you speak with.

For example are you organized, are you a good speaker, etc.

We also need to consider your weak points. What are your weak points that would possibly impede your success in your business? Whether they are important or not, people tend to dwell on their attributes of strength, instead of improving on weak points. Don't get too wrapped up in your weak points unless they are a major hindrance to your success.

You'll notice I didn't cover the typical stupid questions like, how much money do you have to invest in a home business, or how much time do you each week to spend in your business? Those aren't important questions right now.

First of all, you must go through steps to enhance your credibility, your ability to take charge, plus display an aura of seasoned experience to your home business.

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Thursday, July 05, 2007

Using of Social Proof and It's Importance in Building a Home Business

I was on a Conference Call some time ago and these 5 top Internet marketers that were on that call
John Reese
Frank Kern
Jim Edwards
Jason Potash
Yanik Silver

I simply urge you at this point to do a search on Google for each of these names. You will see a number of listings for each of these individuals. This exercise should convince you that these people are experts in the field of Internet Marketing. And there is a concept that all of them use that has allowed them to make millions of dollars marketing on the Internet.

The name of this concept is “Social Proof.” Actually I just used social proof to get you to believe this concept. If you had done a search on Google you would have seen that these guys above are in the who's who essentially of Internet Marketing and if they use this concept to make millions, well who am I to argue. In fact social proof was one of the concepts John Reese employeed to move One Million Dollars of one product in one day on the Internet. Do a search on Google for million dollar day - see what comes up.

I've actually got John Reese looking at and evaluating my business. Do you think I just might obtain some very valuable marketing information I could share with you?

What we are going to do is take this concept of Social Proof and apply it to our business of network marketing to create huge success, much greater than any of us could achieve not using this concept. Part of your success will be due to you being able to take advantage of additional resources kind of like a no-charge co-op.

If we haven't properly defined social proof at this point, here it is:

Quite simply Social Proof is this, sales and marketing can essentially be reduced down to your customer being convinced that your product or service will give them the desired result.

The concept of “Social Proof” consists of directing all your marketing efforts into providing evidence that you or your product (whatever the case may be), definitely gives people the desired result they are desiring so more people see your product as working and thus want it.

Another example of Social Proof is picture this: You’re in a big crowd of people heading to a baseball game. Here’s what happens – once the crowd starts heading in a certain direction you end up following as you just assume the crowd knows where they are going. So in marketing if you can get certain numbers of visible people buying your product or business others will follow along.

The biggest obstacle we face in attracting others to our business to others is getting past the skepticism of the person. For any number of reasons many people just don’t see themselves succeeding in their own business. Thus we want to provide Social Proof that people can succeed in our business.

So whatever the case may be: If you'e recruiting others to be distributors in your business you want to show them social proof your business system works.

If you're seeking to obtain customers for your product you want to show them social proof your product can work for them.

Food for thought: If you're not showing social proof to others that what you are doing is working than you need to consult with your upline or associates and come up with a solution. If you can't come up with a solution than I would suggest you find another product or business to market.

The whole primary purpose of this blog is to provide overwhelming evidence that our product and business works for ordinary people. So when you present this business to people your job is made a whole lot easier in getting them interested. For if they believe they can be successful they will most certainly join us.

There are secondary purposes for this blog, which we’ll discuss later.

One of these secondary purposes is this – if we function as a team we will all succeed more than if we work as individuals.

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Friday, May 18, 2007

Understanding Home Business Especially Network Marketing

I know network marketing takes a lot of hits, and some of it's justified, however the business model executed correctly is truly unparalleled.

It's kind of like this - you can be an educated consumer or an uneducated consumer. And uneducated consumer is almost always going to be taken advantage of, or not do as well as his educated counter-part.

I ask the question how many people really study and research network marketing home businesses before getting started? Don't know the answer, okay think about something you are more familiar with. How many people study how to communicate better with their wife or kids? I venture to say more people study how to better communicate than research what is really required to succeed in a home business.

So, because most people starting a network marketing business are uneducated they make countless business mistakes even fatal mistakes and then wonder why they failed, then blame the whole concept that it doesn't work. Any business of virtually anykind making these same mistakes would fail.

Here's a good analogy of what these people do. They're starting a vinyl record store business after the CD has already came out. Or they're opening a business renting VHS tapes when everyone is watching DVD's. They have no sense of business and market timing.

I'm living proof that it certainly works if done correctly. Because there is so much mis-information in this business I started just to educate people.

Consider this:

If hard work made you rich all construction workers would be wealthy. No truer a statement there ever was. I know many hard workers who are struggling to get by everyday.

To become wealthy/ succeed in a home business you need to work smarter rather than simply harder. You need to be 5% better than the competition. You can be 10 times more effective by simply sharpening your saw and working smarter. This is something I have to continually tell myself to take two steps back analzye what I'm doing and ask myself "am I just working hard or is their a way to be more effective?"

After all you want to improve your finances and lifestyle - not tie a ball and chain grind it out business around your ankle that's going to sap your energy and leave you greatly disappointed.

Think of it like this - if an industry or company or any financial tool has stopped growing and research doesn't indicate a near term dramatic upturn, than why would you want to invest significant resouces in that business?

If you really want to succeed in business you want some great advantages going for you. Like rapid growth and expansion and a bunch of tools working for plus special tools like below.

You want things working for you - that's the key to success and wealth

The latest is the free $100 you can easily get. That's right would you like an extra $100 just to read a short email? Let me ask you a question could you be successful in a business by getting people's attention to read your email about your product/business by being able to give away $100 of someone else's money?

No this is not some look at a time share presentation or jump through some ridiculous
hoop but a real legitimate way to get $100 and get someone to look at our business.

The point is I want to help you and others succeed in a big way with a system that really goes to work for you so you also have a lifestyle.

This blog below is designed to entice people as to what this business is about. I have new people use it to send to people they know - this greatly enhances our hungry customers Internet system, which I have used with great success for 12 years.

Think of it like this for each person you bring in off the internet with the appeal of this system that person can use the leverage of this system to spread the word within his circle of influence to add another 3 - 8 people and on up. And occassionally one person will lead to many hundreds.

If you would like to find out more about more about this incredible system or how you can qualify for the free $100 please get back to me asking for details. My contact information is on simply state in the email what you're interested in.

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Monday, February 05, 2007

The Recipe to Attract Success in a Work From Home Business in Network Marketing.

Ignore the title this article is much more than about that.

It is important to realize everything we do, our of our habits and thoughts can either attract what we desire or seperate us from it. This article while it talks about attracting success in a home based business in reality the techniques outlined in this article go way beyond that. The basic principals can be beneficial in virtually any area of your life.

Everything in our life, spouse, boyfriend, girlfriend, home and job, we have attracted it. We attract many things, we can also do things to alienate people or things.

Want to alienate someone, try not bathing or brushing your teeth for a month or two. You'll be as popular as a fox in a hen house.

What could you do to attract what you want into your life, learn a new language, lose weight? The point is there are things we can do to attract people and other things we can do to alienate people.

Success in network marketing or a home business, our habits attract it or we inadvertently push it out of our reach. Most people RSVP failure to their party.

In order to succeed in a work at home direct sales business here's items to avoid.

I recommend you go here to read the rest of this Recipe to Attract Success and Home Business Success.

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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Network Marketing Indicators for Evaluating a Home Based Business

In my last post I talked about company growth and timing and their importance
in a home based business opportunity.

In this blog we’ll talk about some of the indicators I would look for in evaluating the viability of a home business especially in network marketing.

You see a there are a lot of good and great companies out there, however being a great company does not make a great opportunity.

Think about this statement, “most people and companies are out to protect their own turf.” Most distributors and companies are not totally honest with people, but then again most of them without realizing it are not totally honest with themselves. This is not surprising as most people have a blind spot to what they don’t want to see. Like a love relationship that has gone south usually one partner won’t let go. They won’t acknowledge the relationship is over.

Plus if you’re a company or a distributor making a good income in a company and you see where your sales growth was either stagnant or in decline the previous year are you going to acknowledge to new distributors that the real opportunity may be over with your company?

I doubt it you still have a family to feed and bills to pay. It can be even harder for a company as a distributor can always jump to another ship. The company is the ship – it can’t jump to another ship, it’s trying to stay afloat. It certainly isn’t going to say anything to run distributors off.

The point in all this is you can’t judge an opportunity just by listening to the company or the distributors recruiting you. They’re usually only going to tell you about how much money you can make or how great the product and opportunity is. Does this mean they are being dishonest – no not hardly. While they’re always going to be some dishonest people and scam artists, the vast majority are going to be honest or what they perceive to be correct. But think of it like this, most of the time these distributors have just seen an exciting presentation and are real jacked up about their particular opportunity. Here in lies the problem in most instances. Most people are not well trained and educated enough to accurately judge an opportunity.

It’s kind of like the stock market. How many people are well-informed investors?

The point is never judge an opportunity just on what an excited distributor says. Now if there are a lot of excited distributors that’s a good reason to look further for the evidence that substantiates you being excited and perhaps you becoming involved.

So here are some important items what you want to look for.

1. Does the company publish a list of advancements on a monthly or regular basis? Basically this is a list of people who’s businesses are growing. This is a very accurate indicator of the health of a business opportunity. The more people you see here the better the opportunity. Also you want to look at the trend of this indicator. In other words are more people advancing today than 6 months ago for example. Of course be sure to take into consideration certain business cycles. For example November and especially December are notoriously slower months than the rest of the year.

2. What is the current sales growth of the company per year and is it increasing or decreasing over past years? Once again here the higher the better and if the growth is in the neighborhood of a Bank Money Market Certificate of Deposit (CD), well I’d pass.

3. Does the company publish an annual income statement of what their distributors are earning on average? Once again if the company is doing great they will typically greatly publicize it. On the other if a company focuses on accomplishments several years old while not talking about the present be weary. You don’t care if the company was voted hottest company of 2002. The Oakland Raiders won the AFC Championship and went to the Super Bowl in 2003. Do you see what they did this year? Four short years later they finished with the worst record in the entire NFL.

I hope this has been extremely helpful. In my next writing we’ll dive into types of Network Marketing companies. Basically the type of products they are marketing.

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