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Article - Celestine Prophesy Your Destiny and Success Factors

Article by Deb Wood-Gordon

Ever read the Celestine Prophesy? If you have, you no longer believe in “accidents”. If you haven’t the authors name is James Redfield. It is a must read!!

Is coincidence a haphazard, unpredictable happening or is it fate in disguise.

Ever wonder, “Why me?” and have it end up being “Lucky me?”

Is it fate or faith that brings you what you want, or a combination of the two?

I have had a few personal experiences to confirm this theory. My attraction to first boys, and then men with blue eyes and dark lashes always intrigued me. I wondered if it had something to do with the expression, “The eyes are the window to the soul”.

Regardless of my attraction, almost pull to this physical feature, I married a man with green eyes and lovely brown lashes.

Blind date…..that is how I met my husband. Mutual friends had been trying to coordinate a meeting between us for years.

Timing is critical in many situations, and was important in the first date with my husband.

Our children, of which we have two, who are the loves of my life, have beautiful brilliant clear blue eyes, with thick dark eyelashes. Do I think this is a coincidence? Not on your life.

Another strange but true example is our wonderful, playful, loving family dog “Dippy”. This nickname in no way reflects on her level of intelligence, but on the venue in which she entered our lives. Dippy is a shortened form of Serendipity.

Please allow me to backtrack again slightly.

Several years ago, our then family dog, Bungy, developed sudden and severe kidney failure which was irreparable. It was traumatic, heartbreaking and horrible for him to suffer through. Finally the decision had to be made to humanely stop his suffering.

I loved my dog, and wanted him to know that he had been everything that is expected of a good dog. As I comforted Bungy and purged myself, I asked him to somehow find a way to return to me….”come back and find me”. As I held him the vet released him of his suffering.

I don’t know how to explain what happened, except that I could feel him leave.

Knowing what I had felt with conviction, I stated to the vet that Bungy had left us. He assumed that I was asking for confirmation and did just that.

As the years passed I longed for another dog, but couldn’t bring myself to actively search for one.

My response was always the same,” When the right dog comes along, I’ll know”. I didn’t expect her to come and sit on our doorstep and refuse to leave, but that is exactly what happened. We phoned and looked for her owner, but never found one. She had a collar but no tags. Her name is now Dippy.

Do I think this was a coincidence? Not on your life.

Bungy had a strange fleck in one of his eyes and yup…you guessed it…so does Dippy. Strange but true…or maybe I am just strange!!!

Sometimes letting go, and going with the flow of life, is the best decision to take.

An amazing health product and opportunity recently crossed my path, and I know without a doubt, that it was meant to.

Being aware and open minded is critical to recognizing the opportunities that the universe has to offer.

This is a life altering product, and company with an abundance mentality.

My passion for helping others is being fulfilled.

Trust the abundance of the universe.

Deb Wood-Gordon is a mul

ti-tasking, homeschooling Mom of two. Former international level, alpine ski racer, biathlete and owner/operator of a health food store. Deb is a Nutrition Consultant and involved in pioneering a revolutionary new Online Work at Home Business System. Discover for yourself why it's so unique. Have you seen the Goji Juice Nutrition Health Drink. Her years of business experience puts her in a special position to help people looking for a profitable work at home based Goji Health Drink Business. For additional info contact her at:


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