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Note: Comments will be accepted on this blog under the following conditions:

  1. The comment must engage the audience or provide additional valuable information concerning the topic of the blog post.
  2. Comments totally off topic will be deleted.
  3. Comments that are for the express purpose of only directing someone to another site will be deleted.
  4. Comments that you need to go to another website to finish reading will be deleted.
  5. Comments that are simply an endorsement of the post, like "Great post - really enjoyed reading it" will be deleted.
  6. Here's another great reason to leave an intelligent informative comment. When readers read a great comment they often will take note of the person making the comment. This is especially true with the smartest and most successful of individuals who are the main people we're looking to attract anyway.
  7. All other comments are welcome and encouraged.
  8. Place a link back to your site in your user name, however if for example your user name is Nick James to get the benefit of your key word phrase in your link back write the username like Nick (Keyword Phrase) James.
  9. Tip: Vary the keyword phrase and URL address linking to you often as you post comments.

Here are examples of poor comments:

"Good article I really enjoyed it."


"Regarding tax relief, he said: \”Last week, my administration reached agreement with Speaker Pelosi and Republican Leader Boehner on a robust growth package that includes tax relief for individuals and families and incentives for business investment["

These are actual comments submitted - the first comment above is a nice complement but adds no substance. The second comment is not only totally off the subject, is incomplete, thus trying to get the reader to go to another website to finish reading.

Here is an examples of a good comment:

Your blog post on comments was especially informative, have your readers considered this technique when addressing this topic. I've used it in the following manner and found it to be especially effective.

See the following:

Article for Blog Masters and everyone else on the proper use of blog comments - a guide to blog comments.



What to Look For Articles Information

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