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Article - Recycled Cooking Oil for Inexpensive Diesel Car Fuel

Article by Deb Wood-Gordon

This jalopy of a vehicle certainly caught my attention when it pulled up in front of our health food store thirteen years ago. The signs in the windows were especially intriguing, “This automobile burns used vegetable oil”. When the owner came in he evaded my barrage of questions and only deepened my curiosity by saying the oil that was fueling his car was from a deep fryer! Since I was driving a diesel and interested in alternative options, I was hooked.

After some research and reading I was surprised and amazed to discover that many people were already tapping into this unused resource. Finding a lot of pertinent information in the book “From the Fryer to the Fuel Tank” I felt I was ready to start on my much anticipated mechanical journey. I purchased the parts and pieces to put the alternative fuel system together which consisted of a heated secondary fuel tank, hoses, and fittings with tank A and B selecting switches.

The main point is to raise the temperature of the vegetable oil to 180F to maintain the proper viscosity, which allows it to combust. So, on September 23rd, 1997, I made my first trip to work, 150 kms return, on WVO (waste vegetable oil). With the system working fine, it was time for a major road trip, 1100 kms round trip on WVO. Driving 120kms per hour with no problem. I had to stop to fill the tank with oil from the containers I brought with me. In total, the car consumed about 13 gallons of oil.

Recycled veggie oil smells like french fries when it burns, and restaurants are more than happy to give all their used oil away as it costs them money to have it removed. With all the different engines that could use this type of system, the opportunity to do something with this recyclable, renewable source is inspiring. The impact that it could have on environment is immense as well.

Having experience with a couple of different cars now, and over 200,000 kms, I have streamlined my suppliers to attempt to get the cleanest, used oil possible. So as you drive down the highway and get a wiff of french fries, look around to see if there are any diesel vehicles close by.

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