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Article - GPS Vehicle Tracking and Recovery Auto Anti Theft System

There's a new hot technology device on the market today GPS. Which stands for Global Positioning Systems. Almost all new cars come with optional GPS navigation systems which give you directions. There are also handheld devices you can carry with you. In addition there are GPS Car Monitoring systems which can track and even recover vehicles in the event they are stolen.

What Exactly is GPS or Global Positioning System

A GPS locating device is a compact unit that fits onto the bottom of an automobile or any mobile unit, such as a car, boat, bicycle, or even a person. From a third location, the satellite technology of the GPS can send signals to a GPS receiver, so that the location-position of the unit can be relayed. Three areas are involved, altitude, latitude, and longitude. The satellite technology is a constellation of 24 satellites that send information to the GPS receiver.

The GPS is the brain-child of our U.S. Department of Defense, because they used this system between 1974 and 1977 to track missiles and bombs that we ejected into the air; to follow the target path of the projectiles. During President Clinton's tenure in office, this technology became available to civilians. Additional bandwidths and advances in global satellite technology enabled these systems to become attractive to ordinary people and caused a surge in GPS applications and marketing increases.

Millennium Plus GPS Vehicle Tracking attaches to your mobile unit, usually an automobile or a truck. With the advent of sophisticated controls on the tracking system you can now control and monitor override many vehicle functions. With the oversight of the incredible constellation satellites, and patented microburst technology you can connect with your vehicle anytime, by way of the internet, or initiate reporting and alert functions by email, or cell phone, or pager!

Millennium Plus uses an incredibly new technology, which includes GPS satellites and GSM cell technology. You have hands-on communication with the vehicle through use of the transceiver. There is a two-way flow of information and communication.

*When Millennium Plus is engaged, on any standard internet browser, the signal travels to the nearest cell phone tower, from your location.

*Operation of Microburst technology uses existing cellular networks using channels on the back of standard cell frequencies to transmit data.

*GPS satellites will locate and communicate and exchange information with the Millennium Plus transceiver which is on a placed position on your vehicle. Information could be about location, speed, plus commands and executions you have selected.

*Using cellular towers as a third party relay, signals will be sent back to you.

Millennium Plus GPS car monitoring system can be put to broad-spectrum uses. Most of us can come up with multiple uses for Millennium Plus; at work, for leisure activity or for home.

  • racers
  • campers
  • stolen auto protection
  • to monitor a beginning driver in the house
  • couriers
  • drivers on commission
  • atv people
  • auto rental managers
  • professional equipment drivers/operators
  • public fire department
  • environmental engineers
  • mechanics
  • parents with senility
  • delivery personnel
  • sheriffs and cops
  • roadside assistant crews
  • RV'ers
  • environmentalists
  • ambulance drivers
  • model T's
  • park rangers

Individual uses for GPS vehicle tracking alarm system...all people with a safety conscious mind who want to insure the welfare of others and other vehicles and their loads.

With 1.2 million vehicles stolen at a cost of about 8.2 billion, vehicle theft has become the country's number one property crime as listed by the most recent FBI Uniform Crime Reports (ca 2001). Worse than this, you will only have a 62% in 2001, chance of getting your automobile back. This rate has dropped from an 84% change of getting it back in 1990. With police failure at regaining your assets, how will a person get their car back?

In Phoenix/Mesa, Arizona, for two years in a row, the rate of stolen vehicles reached the highest in the country. A police spokesperson there suggested this; "installing a tracking device in your vehicle to help recover it if it is stolen" is the best way to deter criminal behavior.

Insurance Discounts

Even though it provides much broader functionality, Millennium Plus is an Anti-Theft Device. Please contact your insurance agent or insurance carriers to determine if an anti-theft device discount is available in your area. Additionally, several states have laws that mandate that insurance carriers offer anti-theft discounts.

USNO NAVSTAR Global Positioning System Information


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