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Article Home Business Success is All About Providing Value in Your Marketplace.

Article by Nick James

Okay here's the typical cheesy hypey headline.

Vacations to Tropical Destinations Can be Yours If You Apply These Solutions to Your Home Based or Network Marketing Business.

tropical destinations and Home Based Business Opportunity

I'm glad you decided to click over here. I think you'll be glad you did. You potentially stand to benefit in a big way. As you will see below I've had a lot of previous success in internet marketing. However, I know there is always a better way to produce more and even more loyal customers and distributors.

Here is what I consider myself to be and what I focus my efforts on.

  1. Being a valuable business friend to people. Because of my 10 years Internet Marketing Experience and Expertise I am able to benefit people with that knowledge and assistance. I believe by my providing extra value to any business relationship, especially in areas the other business person considers valuable, is not only the best but only way to build a huge profitable business.
  2. I also believe in providing information that may help another person provide additional value to their customers.

The combination of these two powerful characteristics will help someone create a strong lucrative business.

The information below simply provides backup information and further details.

Would you like to know what your customers are really interested in?

Think about this - first the reason most people strike out in a home business is because they never consider the following.

They never consider how they provide something of value to someone else.

They totally focus on their product as providing value, however, in most cases the value is not obvious to the customer and even if it was the customer still has distributor choices. It like two stores selling the same TV. The customer is typically going to pick the store in which he feels he is best served.

Many people are skeptical of the products sold by network marketing and on the internet.

The most successful marketers realize this and learn to provide additional value beyond their product to gain their customers attention and trust. And they do this by always remembering that it's what their customers consider to be valuable, not what they would consider valuable.

This is the most powerful and revolutionary concept in marketing and we'd love to show you how to utilize this at zero charge to you.

Let me ask you a simple question - What makes you happy or would make you happy?

We know everyone has options. But choosing the right options starts with asking the right questions. Which basically comes down to each of asking ourselves, "which of my options are best?" We do this everyday almost without thinking. We all tend to have our own built in forms of evaluating our decisions.

For example. Some of us will choose a brand name over a lower cost unknown product, others base their decisions on cost only. Still there are others and this covers probably the majority of people who will identify the brand name they prefer and then find the merchant with the lowest cost. Are of these are valid choices, but which one is best?

What it ultimately comes down to is what options will give you the most happiness. And let's face it the only reason you're even reading this right now is because you perceive a home business or this particular home business can bring more happiness into your life.

I consider my most valuable asset in helping those I work with as the ability to help people focus on those items which will bring marketing success and thus more happiness in their life.

As you will see below my basic premise of what we focus on is dead on target - it's a marketing gold mine. The only factor is how is it best implemented. Am I at potential risk of aiding my competitors with no return on my part by providing information? Sure, potentially, however, in effect that is my goal to develop joint venture partners, which benefit all parties. I see a much bigger potential benefit than potential loss. As you'll see below all the potential benefits to you.

Have you ever wanted to know how to get your email read or your voice mails heard above all the noise out there competing for attention? Well you’re about to find out.

Which of the following would you like most?

  1. More customers.
  2. More distributors to help you distribute your products.
  3. Better response to your newsletter or emails.
  4. A higher reorder rate and bigger purchases.
  5. Your customers referring their friends.
  6. Your customers actually wanting to be a distributor of your products.
  7. Would you always like to get a follow-up appointment with a prospect.
  8. Would you like to have people attracted to you.
  9. All of the above.

If you would like a solution to "All of the Above" continue reading and email me back.

There are a lot of frustrated marketers on the internet striving to get there message heard.

This valuable insight below is a huge step toward solving many of the marketing problems we're all faced with. If you are you interested, then continue reading.

Think about how we communicate – we're mostly selfish and boring. We want to talk about ourselves too much. Consider this: when I think back on my life in terms of the people I most enjoyed being around it was those people who paid the most attention to me. I bet the same is true in your life.

And so when we try to market our products and services without realizing it we once again typically focus on what we want, not what our potential customer wants. That is largely why we become frustrated at marketing and sales. The person we're trying to get to purchase our products or services isn't concerned at all about us, they're concerned about themselves.

Are you starting to see the disconnect? So the solution starts with thinking in terms of not what we want but how can we give those we serve what they want. For the better we can do that the more successful we will become.

Read the following story about 2 marketers and see which one of these best fits you.

Bob Scababy was very excited about the new line of products he was marketing. He was so very excited about these products he was marketing because of how well he had heard these products worked in the past. He just knew he was going to make a killing. So he put up a website and started advertising and sending out emails to prospects. He even started phoning prospects and telling them about his great products he was now marketing.

But pretty soon Bob started becoming very discouraged. In spite of how much enthusiasm he displayed for his products his prospects just weren't as enthusiastic as he was. It was almost as if he was attacking or pushing his prospects away.

The harder Bob tried the more it seemed what he was doing wasn’t working, which led to even greater frustration on the part of Bob.

Next we have Large Larry. Larry also was a marketer. But Larry was a little bit smarter than Bob. Larry was also very enthusiastic about the products he was marketing. But Larry you see was like a smart poker player. While Bob if he had a good hand would wear the excitement on his sleeve, announcing it to the whole world Larry was cool and coy. Larry knew that just because he had a good hand or product he knew he had to play his hand with skill not just enthusiasm. .

Larry knew to be effective in his marketing as well as poker he had to have more than just enthusiasm. He couldn't afford to be just so caught up in emotion that he made bad decisions. For example just because a company or product has had a lot of past success that's no reason in itself to get excited. Larry would evaluate such items as the sales growth of the particular products during the past year among other items.

Larry knew that trends change, what's hot yesterday isn't necessarily what's going to be hot today or tomorrow. Companies he knew were the same. A good stock buy 5 years ago isn't necessarily the same good buy today.

But Larry learned something that was even more valuable. The biggest problem our friend Bob had was he would inadvertently almost attack people. What Larry learned that was so valuable to him was how to attract people, customers and prospects.

Larry knew that no matter how enthusiastic he was about his product (and he was on fire about it), he knew that other people wouldn't share his excitement without having tried it.

So he devised ways in his marketing to pay attention and appeal to the wants and desires of other people to attract them.

Think of yourself in conversation with other people. Aren't you instinctively attracted more toward those people who pay attention and actively listen to you?

Of course you are, and that's what Larry has incorporated into his marketing to make it so effective.

So the morals of the story are two fold:

First don't get caught up in excitement and hype such that you can't make sound marketing decisions like Bob.

Second we want to focus on attracting people and customers and not on attacking them just like Larry.

Of course we also want to stay excited and have enthusiasm in our product, that's a given.

Of course that's the focus of my marketing. We're looking to further attract people because what we have at the present time is a marketing phenomenon. We are experiencing hyper growth with what amounts to a magical product.

Why This Marketing Approach is so Ultra Effective

Actually this goes as far back a high school. There was always one guy (perhaps the quarterback of the football team) that all the girls were crazy about. Notice how this guy always played it cool. He never chased after anybody as they were attracted to him. Are you starting to get the picture? This super effective form of marketing starts with a different mindset - a different perspective so to speak. When you make radical breakthroughs in any innovation or new invention, etc. it involves stepping back and re-evaluating how things are typically done and then asking the question. Could it be done better?

The reason typical sales is so hard and people hate it, etc is it comes from a position of need. I need to make a sale, I need the money, I need this, I need that... Subconsciously I believe this causes us to feel pain as need is intrepretated as pain. So people dismiss and avoid their pain of need by avoiding selling. Of course this doesn't solve their problem of being in need it only attempts to suppress it so it's not painful. They'll make some statement like I hate selling, I contend it's not the selling they hate but the reminder of their need.

Heck, why is all the focus on I when it's the other person who gives us their money. This "I Focus" would make sense if we were selling to ourselves, but we aren't.

This is why if we're going to be ultra successful our first and last thoughts should always be how can he or she benefit from this. When we get to the point our total 100% focus is on meeting the needs of the other person and 0% on ourselves, we will attract so many people we may not be able to handle all the business, even with an average product. Now you take an absolutely killer product, well now all bets are off.

I know what you're thinking at this point, "It's hard not to focus on myself!" And you're right, most of us have had so much practice at this we've become World Champs at this, it's become a habit. But the good news is we don't have to get to perfect to succeed at this. Let me ask you a question, don't you think you could at least improve 1% a month at this. I know you can - especially if you're working with someone.

And this is all it takes - you don't have to get to 100% focus on the other person to succeed. It's like the story of the hiker putting on his running shoes, and his companion says, "Why are you putting on those."

And the fellow hiker responds, "There's a bear running towards us!" and his companion exclaims, "You can't outrun a bear." And the fellow hiker responds, "I don't have to, I only have to outrun you."

And that is so true here, all we have to do is stay a few percentage points ahead of our competition to be effective. And if were even thinking about it when our competition isn't that's worth a couple points.


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