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The Recipe to Attract Success in a Work at Home Business in Direct Sales.

Home Based Business Opportunity Article MLM Network MarketingEverything in our life, spouse, boyfriend, girlfriend, home and job, we have attracted it.

We are constantly either pushing people and items away or drawing them to us, and usually we don't realize what are actions are creating.

Want someone to avoid you, try practicing poor hygiene for several months.

People will avoid you like the plague.

Consider for a moment what things attract what we want, losing weight perhaps, driving a new car?

Bottom line: certain habits that lead to a hard body and nice hair attract others, not taking a bath does just the opposite.

Success in life or a home based business works the same way, there are things we can do to attract success and other things we do that push success away from us. Most people RSVP failure to their party.

This article provides insight into our habits and thoughts that we want to avoid that alienate work from home business direct sales success and open the door to failure, and provides training insights to move us down the right path towards success.

We must first understand how our subconscious mind functions, it can't tell the difference from reality and non-reality. In this regard it's like a computer in that it only gives us out what we program in.

So when we focus on why I can't get out of debt, or why my job sucks, or I can't afford this or I wish my wife didn't do that. What we are doing is programming our subconscious mind that my job sucks or reasons why we can't get out of debt. Our subconscious mind is stupid, it doesn't know that we don't like debt or a crappy job, etc.

So how do we train our mind to only attract what we want?

Burn this important concept into your brain, everything under the sun is comprised of energy, the world was created by energy and everything we accomplish in life first starts with a thought. And a thought can't be called matter so what is it, it's energy.

So we ultimately create our success through the energy of our thoughts.

Start out each day by looking for reasons to feel grateful for everything we have and speak them out loud. This gets your mental energies focused in a positive manner. I find it helpful to keep some reminder (usually some object) with me at all times to remind me to feel grateful if I ever get discouraged.

The next step is to identify what you want and ask for it. It is written in the Bible, ask and you shall receive.

Many people totally misunderstand the nature of asking.

Since many individuals don't understand asking, I think it is beneficial for your mindset toward success for the next couple paragraphs to explain wealth creation.

Most people think the world is like a finite pie, if they get more, everyone else gets less so they think I don't want to be selfish, they couldn't be more wrong.

In the area of the rich and wealth much of the World has it wrong, they consider those who are wealthy as selfish. Actually wanting wealth by itself is not selfish or unselfish. It's what's in the person's heart that determines that. Desiring to create wealth enriches many others besides ourselves.

Question there are two people both equally unselfish, one is rich one is poor, which of the two has the ability to help others most?

The World often attributes those who seek wealth as being selfish, because they believe to become wealthy requires taking from those who have less. When in reality becoming wealthy is because we provide something of value to many others who have less.

Have you considered why these do-gooders who seem to want to define what is selfish and what is not, think as they do? Consider that there have always been people for many centuries whose goal has been through government to control the lives of others.

Unless you've been living in a cave all your life you're certainly aware that taxing people is how governments fund themselves. However, because most people in government have never had their own successful business. Until you've created wealth yourself you can easily misunderstand how it's created. Government in effect takes from one people through taxing them and gives to others. Basically this is a shell game where nothing new is created. However, you must realize that a tax on income is a tax on production. So I ask the question is more production good or bad in other words would you like more food or less food, more houses or less houses. Which of these scenarios benefits the most people? So why would you want to impose higher taxes on higher production? Why would you want to discourage more being produced when we've just shown how more production helps more people?

Okay we're back from our slight diversion let's now focus on what asking means to success.

Asking is more than simply thinking, it consists of properly defining and being very precise in what we want (be it a new home, special vacation, working from home. Our standard response is to just say we want a bunch of money or a new car without being specific. Like we established earlier our subconscious mind can't think or reason. It doesn't understand a bunch of money and thus doesn't know what to do to help us get it. What it does understand is something like $123,456 in our savings account, or a specific 3-story brick house on a lake with a boat dock.

Okay so we've established that the proper method to go about asking for what we desire is to be very definitive. In fact if I were to coach you I would have you practicing visualizing exactly what you desire down to the very last detail. If it's a new house, what's the color of brick, how many fireplaces, how many bathrooms, what's your dream kitchen, what does it look like? The more details you furnish the more likely you will get what you desire.

This next principal is very important. When we ask we always get an answer. The answer we get may or not be what we thought we would get. In order words the timing may be off. This is not to say we aren't going to get that new house or car, but its coming is delayed until we are better prepared.

There is like an unwritten law that the world will only give us what we have asked for if first we are prepared to receive it. For example we could ask for a fancy sports car at 12 years of age, but we're not prepared at that age to receive it so most likely we wouldn't get it. Training therefore prepares us to receive our goal. However, we also must expect to achieve our goal. We often place artificial limits on ourselves by thinking sabotaging thoughts, like, "I'd love to, but that home is simply too expensive."

The poor are poor because they either don't understand or they are lazy. This is not to trash the poor - I was once poor many years ago when I was young and lacked understanding. What happens though is that many poor people gain knowledge and understanding of success, which allows them to rise up. It is never too late in life to gain understanding.

Those of us who have an understanding have an obligation to accomplish much for which we are highly compensated. I believe it was Abraham Lincoln who said, "A poor person never became richer by making a rich man poorer."

The ultimate key to getting success to come your way is, to control our thinking. Usually, when you are unaware of it, your thinking goes toward negativity. Have you never caught yourself thinking, "Why can't I lose weight?"

Also there are words, phrases and thoughts that you want to constantly avoid. Phrases like "I want that" or "I need that"

Mental programming of positive thinking attracts success. Of high importance is a learned value system of wisdom and principals, of love and caring for others, that should guide our thoughts like the Biblical 10 Commandments. Who can forget the many evil men, that were guided by their own self-interests, regardless of how they hurt others, they thought they were right. They were confident and certainly attracted worldly success, but without a love for fellow humanity they reigned extreme misery on mankind (men like Hitler, Stalin, Mao and many more).

Thus I believe it is very important that what we do, we do with an attitude of love toward our fellow man.

Consider this, think of all the men and women you know who seem very confident in themselves, are they successful or unsuccessful?

Remember, to attract success like it was metal filings and you were a magnet, practice the power of focusing your thoughts.


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