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What Do Most People Really Desire in a Work from Home Business?

A few days ago I read an article and the commentator talked about work from home businesses and network marketing businesses. It had very good information in it and the part I found most worth talking about was their idea of the most successful network marketing business and the one they were involved with. As a professional in network marketing for 12 years, most of which has been full-time employment to me, I have become a seasoned veteran in marketing, internet marketing and network marketing. The writer wrote from his obviously inexperienced view and not the reality view of possible prospects.

To start, let me say, I am not going to discuss the business he spoke of – although it sounds like a good company. If I did this there is a chance my point would be misunderstood and my convincing you of my side, could not be won. A parable would be, two children playing in the dirt, and they are arguing over whose father is the best.

For this session, I simply want to provide you input, on what you as a lead prospect are probably looking for and give to you a set of guiding thoughts to help you judge and evaluate which business or opportunity will be the best one you could select. Number one; foremost here is what the greatest number of us look for in network marketing or in fact, in any home business.

Everyone desires an above average product that produces awesome results for a multiple of reasons. We can get into those reasons at a future time and date. Following that, people desire to receive the highest possible compensation for their work, in an expedient manner, and in a legal manner. We all know nothing is free, and there must be work for all rewards, but everyone would like to gain the most possible awards (income) for the effort expended. Risk assessment should be low as people want their monetary reward to be as high as possible and in a continual stream, for many, long years in a truly residual fashion.

So consider my next question – who doesn’t want the scenario just described?

The prospect is seeking this. Thus it is the job of the marketer to offer their company and present why it and their system is tops in helping a person achieve the above talked about goals.

Also, to be able to assist associates duplicate their efforts to so they might hopefully even surpass their own results.


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