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Article - You Don't Have to Suffer Through a Midlife Crisis - Here's Advice

Article by Marilyn Gordon

Midlife crisis - just hearing the words takes me back to a time with my life was out of control. Everyone experiences them at least once and it isn't just turning 40 or 50 that cause them. Pressure from all angles of your life can cause you to spin out of control. Your career had died, your children misbehave badly, you gain a whole lot of weight, your finances are in bad shape. Your find yourself in an increasingly bad mood, possible even depressed. To sum it up, you're on a downhill spiral and you are spinning out of control.

Work and family demands erode your time and you find yourself going in circles. But it is precisely those demands that put so much pressure on you. Your time is not your own and chances are your time management skills are inefficient. When you finish time on the job, then comes the house, the wife, the kids. The pressure mounts and a crisis occurs.

Unlike our parent's generation, we no longer can depend on job security from our employers. How depressing is that. Heck, in a lot of cases, you can't even depend on a cost of living raise anymore. Many companies pay bonuses (have you read the news about what Goldman Sachs paid in 2006?) but that is a situation that is out of your control. And if your bonus is now what you anticipated, it is easy to get depressed. If you consider changing jobs, it would be advisable to keep the mistakes of the past in mind when looking for work. Do you want more responsibility, flexible hours, a potential for a higher salary and bonus or possibly a closer commute. Even if you do find another job, remember that once you stop working, your salary stops. Now might be the time to consider a way to earn yourself a passive residual income with a direct marketing company like Freelife International. Wouldn't it be nice to be your own boss for a change.

Invariably, life's setbacks will occur and you can best manage them by being in better control of your life. Death, illness, divorce, children issues to name a few. And the new reality in our lives, terrorism – especially after 911. The events that took place that day bear witness to the facts that we as human beings have the unique ability to adapt to extraordinary circumstances.

In life, humans are in possession of many spiritual and materials things. It is critically vital to your well being that you never take those things for granted. An attitude adjustment is a gift that you can give yourself and through it changes that your offer yourself can offer enrichment in ways that your never thought possible. Check the community organizations in town and your will find opportunities to volunteer your time to a very worthy cause. Add some creativity to your routine and you will find that your life won't be routine after all. Check the local high school or community college for the boundless list of classes or programs that you can experiment with. Painting, drawing, photography, travel, volunteering, dancing, exercising – the end result will likely result with meeting more people and making more friends. When you cultivate new friendships and hobby's, you are carving out a destiny for yourself that you are controlling. Control your destiny and the midlife crisis will take care of itself – and you will be a happier you!

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