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Article - Ten Ways to Achieve Your New Year's Resolution.

Around 90% of the people who make New Year's resolutions won't keep them. You may have failed at keeping your New Year's resolutions in the past, but don't be discouraged. Chances are you can turn your luck around by making a couple of changes to your approach.

Choose a New Year's resolution that involves something you care about, a plan that's valuable to you.

Be precise about the project. Fuzzy and generalized resolutions are on the fast lane to frustration.

Have a plan for suceeding at that resolution. The plan should be as precise and thought-out as possible if you want to complete your New Year's project. Don't get carried away. You want to push your limits, but remember you ought never set a goal too far away to achieve, as this will result in unhappiness and discouragement. Know what you're capable of and capablities.

You must put your resolution in writing. The physical act of getting them on paper is the first step towards making those resolutions a reality. Forget this simple thing, and it's a low probability that you'll succeed.

Start immediately. Leap into your new habit right away, when the clock strikes midnight, and wherever possible, implement your new goals as soon as you can during the day.

Make every effort to find a friend or group to work with in keeping your resolution. The likelihood of making it work will be much higher than doing it in isolation.

Always remember that you're going to face obstacles, and put in place tactics for handling them. Don't let bumps in the road be show stoppers.

Use positive reinforcement to stay on track and energized while moving forward. Celebrate when you achieve meaningful breakthroughs.

Review your resolutions each morning and guage yourself to see where you are. If need be due to circumstances , revise them, but keep moving forward.

Cultivate the habit of action, of getting off the couch, of finishing tasks immediately. This attitude alone can revolutionize your life.

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