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Friday, May 18, 2007

Understanding Home Business Especially Network Marketing

I know network marketing takes a lot of hits, and some of it's justified, however the business model executed correctly is truly unparalleled.

It's kind of like this - you can be an educated consumer or an uneducated consumer. And uneducated consumer is almost always going to be taken advantage of, or not do as well as his educated counter-part.

I ask the question how many people really study and research network marketing home businesses before getting started? Don't know the answer, okay think about something you are more familiar with. How many people study how to communicate better with their wife or kids? I venture to say more people study how to better communicate than research what is really required to succeed in a home business.

So, because most people starting a network marketing business are uneducated they make countless business mistakes even fatal mistakes and then wonder why they failed, then blame the whole concept that it doesn't work. Any business of virtually anykind making these same mistakes would fail.

Here's a good analogy of what these people do. They're starting a vinyl record store business after the CD has already came out. Or they're opening a business renting VHS tapes when everyone is watching DVD's. They have no sense of business and market timing.

I'm living proof that it certainly works if done correctly. Because there is so much mis-information in this business I started http://www.sappsays.com just to educate people.

Consider this:

If hard work made you rich all construction workers would be wealthy. No truer a statement there ever was. I know many hard workers who are struggling to get by everyday.

To become wealthy/ succeed in a home business you need to work smarter rather than simply harder. You need to be 5% better than the competition. You can be 10 times more effective by simply sharpening your saw and working smarter. This is something I have to continually tell myself to take two steps back analzye what I'm doing and ask myself "am I just working hard or is their a way to be more effective?"

After all you want to improve your finances and lifestyle - not tie a ball and chain grind it out business around your ankle that's going to sap your energy and leave you greatly disappointed.

Think of it like this - if an industry or company or any financial tool has stopped growing and research doesn't indicate a near term dramatic upturn, than why would you want to invest significant resouces in that business?

If you really want to succeed in business you want some great advantages going for you. Like rapid growth and expansion and a bunch of tools working for plus special tools like below.

You want things working for you - that's the key to success and wealth

The latest is the free $100 you can easily get. That's right would you like an extra $100 just to read a short email? Let me ask you a question could you be successful in a business by getting people's attention to read your email about your product/business by being able to give away $100 of someone else's money?

No this is not some look at a time share presentation or jump through some ridiculous
hoop but a real legitimate way to get $100 and get someone to look at our business.

The point is I want to help you and others succeed in a big way with a system that really goes to work for you so you also have a lifestyle.

This blog below is designed to entice people as to what this business is about. I have new people use it to send to people they know - this greatly enhances our hungry customers Internet system, which I have used with great success for 12 years.

Think of it like this for each person you bring in off the internet with the appeal of this system that person can use the leverage of this system to spread the word within his circle of influence to add another 3 - 8 people and on up. And occassionally one person will lead to many hundreds.

If you would like to find out more about more about this incredible system or how you can qualify for the free $100 please get back to me asking for details. My contact information is on http://www.sappsays.com simply state in the email what you're interested in.

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