Monday, March 24, 2008

Directmatches Social Networking and New Marketing Blog

A couple of quick notes here - first I created a new blog about a month ago for the purpose of internet marketing and home business articles - I will be doing most of my articles over there now. A link to it is below.

Home Based Business Articles and Reviews Blog

Also the latest post is a review of this DirectMatches Social Networking Site and Business Opportunity. Before you read the post I want to say that a lot of the people that contacted me through the site have been very nice, they just have a lot to learn about Internet and Network Marketing.

New Ground Floor Opportunity - Germany - Austria GoChi Goji Juice Business Opportunity - Note: GoChi Goji Juice is being introduced into Germany and Austria in April 2008. This is an excellent opportunity to be in on the ground floor of an excellent business opportunity. Click on the link above.

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