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Thursday, July 05, 2007

Using of Social Proof and It's Importance in Building a Home Business

I was on a Conference Call some time ago and these 5 top Internet marketers that were on that call
John Reese
Frank Kern
Jim Edwards
Jason Potash
Yanik Silver

I simply urge you at this point to do a search on Google for each of these names. You will see a number of listings for each of these individuals. This exercise should convince you that these people are experts in the field of Internet Marketing. And there is a concept that all of them use that has allowed them to make millions of dollars marketing on the Internet.

The name of this concept is “Social Proof.” Actually I just used social proof to get you to believe this concept. If you had done a search on Google you would have seen that these guys above are in the who's who essentially of Internet Marketing and if they use this concept to make millions, well who am I to argue. In fact social proof was one of the concepts John Reese employeed to move One Million Dollars of one product in one day on the Internet. Do a search on Google for million dollar day - see what comes up.

I've actually got John Reese looking at and evaluating my business. Do you think I just might obtain some very valuable marketing information I could share with you?

What we are going to do is take this concept of Social Proof and apply it to our business of network marketing to create huge success, much greater than any of us could achieve not using this concept. Part of your success will be due to you being able to take advantage of additional resources kind of like a no-charge co-op.

If we haven't properly defined social proof at this point, here it is:

Quite simply Social Proof is this, sales and marketing can essentially be reduced down to your customer being convinced that your product or service will give them the desired result.

The concept of “Social Proof” consists of directing all your marketing efforts into providing evidence that you or your product (whatever the case may be), definitely gives people the desired result they are desiring so more people see your product as working and thus want it.

Another example of Social Proof is picture this: You’re in a big crowd of people heading to a baseball game. Here’s what happens – once the crowd starts heading in a certain direction you end up following as you just assume the crowd knows where they are going. So in marketing if you can get certain numbers of visible people buying your product or business others will follow along.

The biggest obstacle we face in attracting others to our business to others is getting past the skepticism of the person. For any number of reasons many people just don’t see themselves succeeding in their own business. Thus we want to provide Social Proof that people can succeed in our business.

So whatever the case may be: If you'e recruiting others to be distributors in your business you want to show them social proof your business system works.

If you're seeking to obtain customers for your product you want to show them social proof your product can work for them.

Food for thought: If you're not showing social proof to others that what you are doing is working than you need to consult with your upline or associates and come up with a solution. If you can't come up with a solution than I would suggest you find another product or business to market.

The whole primary purpose of this blog is to provide overwhelming evidence that our product and business works for ordinary people. So when you present this business to people your job is made a whole lot easier in getting them interested. For if they believe they can be successful they will most certainly join us.

There are secondary purposes for this blog, which we’ll discuss later.

One of these secondary purposes is this – if we function as a team we will all succeed more than if we work as individuals.

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