Sunday, August 16, 2009

First Himalayan Goji Juice then GoChi then TAIslim Now Something Even Bigger

Something big is Coming September, 2009 that will the Network Marketing Industry foundations. Keep Reading...

First it was Himalayan Goji Juice (HGJ) – this was a huge winner and home run.
Here’s how one individual who was one of the first to hear about Himalayan Goji Juice described when he first heard about it.

In early September of 2003 I got a telephone call from Ray Faltinsky. We went to lunch in a little Chinese restaurant near the company headquarters then in Milford, CT; and over rice and noodles, he told me about a product that FreeLife was about to release that he truly believed would be the most important product launch in company history and he gave me some knowledge about this strange "Himalayan Goji berry".

I was shocked. It was hard to believe that such a powerful nutrient could actually exist. But, Ray has infinite credibility and he does not play games about such important subjects. He was serious that day over lunch and while I did not know a lot of the details I knew I had to take action immediately. That "pre-launch information" over lunch on that September afternoon has made all the difference in my life. It has paid me millions of dollars to receive that news. It has helped thousands of people to not only experience wonderful health benefits but to also create real financial abundance in their own lives.

Next came GoChi Juice, basically this is simply a more powerful (by over 30% more potency) version of Himalayan Goji Juice. And as highly successful as HGJ was GoChi Juice easily outsells it by over 5 to 1.

Then came TAISlim about 5 months ago. It has been a big hit- in fact it’s been the best weight loss product I’ve seen in all my 14 years experience. Check out the video and pictures of all the TAIslim weight loss success stories.

However, coming next month in September 2009 is something that's going to cast a huge shadow over the home business network marketing arena. The power of this product will shake the foundations of the industry.
And it won’t be just hype. Think of any product that’s real hot right now. There will be more scientific evidence that this is a superior product and will eventually overtake those products in terms of sales.

Here’s what the former head of product development for the largest nutritional manufacturer in the world with over 35 years experience said about this new product..

Here's a direct quote from him: "(this is) a product that I believe will be the most life-changing of any that I have seen in my 35-year career."

In fact its time to get those dreams back out of the closet and dust them off, because now they have a real shot at coming true!

You are about to be given a very powerful racecar in this new product. In fact this is the most powerful nutritional product of a racecar that’s ever been built. Capable of blowing the doors off the competition. It can help you achieve anything you’ve ever dreamed of.

For more on this Incredible New Product and Home Business Opportunity - Click Here!

Check out the new Freelife TAISlim weight loss product. It the next best thing to a time machine.

TAIslim Weight Loss on TAI-Fit

Article - Conviction Superhero or 98 Pound Weakling and Home Business Success or Failure

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Monday, March 24, 2008

Directmatches Social Networking and New Marketing Blog

A couple of quick notes here - first I created a new blog about a month ago for the purpose of internet marketing and home business articles - I will be doing most of my articles over there now. A link to it is below.

Home Based Business Articles and Reviews Blog

Also the latest post is a review of this DirectMatches Social Networking Site and Business Opportunity. Before you read the post I want to say that a lot of the people that contacted me through the site have been very nice, they just have a lot to learn about Internet and Network Marketing.

New Ground Floor Opportunity - Germany - Austria GoChi Goji Juice Business Opportunity - Note: GoChi Goji Juice is being introduced into Germany and Austria in April 2008. This is an excellent opportunity to be in on the ground floor of an excellent business opportunity. Click on the link above.

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Monday, February 11, 2008

Compare Squidoo Versus Weebly Blogs - GoChi Juice

Hey guys - wanted to tell you about a cool new website or blog creation tool called Weebly. Actually it's a website at

I'm not going to get too much into how to create a website with this tool here in this blog post. However, basically you can create a website or blog by dragging content elements, such as videos, pictures, maps, and text from the Weebly bar to your webpage.

Of course you have to create the text from somewhere.

Weebly is similar in function to a Squidoo lens. The big difference is in how they are created.

The Squidoo lens provides the ready capability for some elements I don't see on Weebly. Items like bookmarks like and Plexo voting on links.

Both of them provide you RSS feeds plus You Tube videos and Flickr Photos. The modules are actually labeled with those names.

The Amazon voting Plexo allows you to place Amazon products on your Squidoo lens. It will pick them for you based on your tags, or you can hand pick them. Of course when you sell an item on your lens Squidoo splits the profit with you. So obviously you can make money from your lens. Also you can set up a guest book to collect names and emails. You also have a module that allows you to post news or blog posts.

You have a module on Squidoo that allows you to conduct a poll. Plus something called Yelp which allows you post reviews of local items like who has the best local people.

With the Weebly site you can post YouTube and Google videos. You can also add rss feeds from Feed Reader. You can also add AdBrite Ads and easy to create contact forms. Weebly also allows you to add Google maps and Flickr Photo Galleries.

The bottom line is whether you want to use Squidoo or Weebly they both serve a valuable function. I recommend you use them both. You can get valuable results out of each including valuable back links to your other sites or blogs.

Here is a Weebly Site I created - check it out!

GoChi - Goji Juice Health Site

Here is a Squidoo Site I created - check it out!

GoChi New Generation of Himalayan Goji Juice

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Thursday, January 10, 2008

New Announcements GoChi Juice - the New Goji Juice Plus...

Just Announced - January 8th, 2008, FreeLife unveiled their new and improved Himalayan Goji Juice: Called GoChi Juice

Consider the huge impact of what Freelife just did. They improved a hugely successful product by over 30 percent while improving the already great taste, and making it preservative free, kosher, etc, while at the same time effectively reducing your cost.

Here is a synopsis of the new improved GoChi Juice Product.

* Contains over 30% more of the special bioactive goji polysaccharides
* Now Preservative free
* Kosher certified
* Halal
* Even better tasting (Preferred 4 to 1 in a blind taste test over the already great tasting original formula).
* Also it's only $5 (USD) more per case or $1.50 more per bottle even though in terms of potency a case of the new Gochi product is the equivalent of getting 5.3 bottles of our original goji juice. This is like getting one and a third extra bottles for only $5 more. This is a bargain in any language
* Results Proven in 14 days by double-blind, randomized placebo-controlled study

Check out the New GoChi Goji Juice Here!

Also check out this new site:

This is a new site, which features Marketing Executive of the Year -Bill Boone

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